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Corlec Forwarding Inc

BARBADOS Bridgetown

We are also a family owned buisness, doing both internation exports and imports.We work for most of the embassies in barbados as well as government departments.


BARBADOS Bridgetown

Have been distributing Litertature throught out the Caribbean Islans since 1999,


BARBADOS shanghai

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Kingdom Clothing

BARBADOS st. peter

its a small new business that is now starting out where I will be selling clothing.

Total Therapy

BARBADOS Christ Churc

Multidisciplinary team of Health professional who provide rehablitative and preventative care


BARBADOS Bridgetown

1914 - ERIC HASSELL, the son of Captain Frank Hassell was born. Captain Frank Hassell came to Barbados from Saba, DWI at 8 years of age by schooner, which was captained by his father. 1926 - At 11 years old, at the insistence of his father, Eric was signed on the 65-foot-long trading schooner "Edward VII" which was under the command of his father, Frank. During this time the young Eric Hassell learned the ropes fro...

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