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CHINA Urumqi

Xinjiang Jahan International Logistics Co., Ltd. was founded in Jan.2007. The company`s main business includes Import & Export Cargo Agency, Airfreight Agency, Customs Brokerage, Storage And Dispatching, Cargo Insurance, International Removal, Business Information Consultancy, Tour Shopping, English, Russian, Chinese, Uyghur Translation. Xinjiang Jahan International Logistics Co., Ltd. Has established many ownershi...

Tianhao Group

CHINA urumqi

Tianhao group deal in iron and steel, solar products, construction material, food etc

Urumqi Simtrans International Transportation Co.,LT

CHINA Urumqi

Urumqi Xinjiang China Simtrans International Transportation Co.,LTD was established in July 2007, the main business are import export transportation, in October 2010 Urumqi Simtrans set up a representative office in Shanghai. We undertake import/export railway transportation, up to now, our service network has expanded to the Mid Asia(Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan), Russia, Baltic co...

JUNENDA Int'l Trade & Logistics Limited

CHINA Urumqi

JUNENDA Int'l Trade & Logistics Limited Компания зарегистрирована в Министерстве коммерции КНР, компания JUNENDA Int'l Trade & Logistics Limited имеет официальную лицензию на право импорта и экспорта товаров, таможенного декларирования и сопровождения их. Компания занимается организацией авиаперевозок из Китая (Пекин, Шанхай, Гуанчжоу и др. города) в Москву, Новосибирск, Тбилиси, Алматы, Ашхабад, Баку, Душан...

Recolan Import And Export Trading Company Ltd

CHINA Urumqi

Our company is import and export trading company in Urumqi

Xinjiang Huaxing Youbang Trading Co., Ltd

CHINA Urumqi

Xinjiang Huaxing Youbang Trading Co., Ltd is a company specializing in domestic and international trade business, mainly engages in machinery of geological exploration, oil and coal mining, mining series, engineering, automatic packaging, etc as well as lifts, machine tools, centrifuges, valves, instruments, containers, mechanical seals, pharmaceutical processing and lighting engineering product, etc. The company...

Sert Trade Company

CHINA Urumqi

International trade company,including building material and other materials

Xinjinag JX Logistics Co., LTD

CHINA Urumqi

JX Logistics was established by JiaXin International Import & Export Trading Co., in March, 2004 at Urumqi, XinJiang. Registered in the National Bureau of Industry & Commerce as a Class-2 international cargo transportation agency. Being a large-scale and comprehensive logistics service platform in Northwest China, we have implement our efficient ways to connect our services with businesses and individuals who are in ...



ocean freight and multi-modal transportationsuatoms declaration,warehousing adn insurance

Xinjiang Funholding Foodstuff Co.,LTD

CHINA Urumqi

We are a manufacture located in Northwest China,Xinjiang province.It is place in China to produce Tomato paste,because the material of Tomatoes here have quality.As the sunshine time is long,and the big difference of day and night temperature,so the tomatoes here have numerous Lycopene and lower H.M.C. In order to sell our products to the whole world we have a small packing factory in Nantong Province,it is ju...

Xinjiang Alaman International Logistics Co.,Ltd

CHINA Urumqi

Xinjiang Alaman International Logistics Co., Ltd is your partner in Freight Forwarding and added Value international logistics & trade. Headquartered in China, the Alaman International Logistics of companies with experienced and dedicated team members meet our customer's individual logistics needs at both the local and global levels. We offer our customers tailored logistics solution, each delivered with person...

Urumqi Wodehuidao Trade Co.,Ltd

CHINA Urumqi

foreign trade in china.inport into china.and so on.

Princess Fragrance Co., Ltd. Xinjiang Bereavement

CHINA Xinjiang_Uru

Lavender has been a century of history, as lavender has a more creative magic, antibacterial, repair scars, soothing nerves, calm sleep, and other special effects. Thus, perfume associated with a very broad market prospects. However, the world's lavender fragrance market has been dominated by European countries. At present, the Ili River Valley has become one of the four spice plantation base and the "hometown of Chi...

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