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Yuzhoushi Sharp Xiang Filter Equipment Co, LTD

CHINA Henan_Xuchan

Henan province rui yu xiang filtering equipment Co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of centrifuge solid-liquid separation industry, based on improving in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, grease, papermaking, starch, metallurgy, coal, sludge dewatering processing equipment level. Company mainly produce plate frame filter and belt filter two big main products. One series plate frame is 320, 45, 63, 800, 10, 15, 20...

Jiatai Hair Fashion Co.,Ltd

CHINA xuchang

JiaTai Hair Products Co.Ltd. located in the biggest center of human hair collecting and distributing place in China--Xu Chang, He Nan. JIA TAI laid in Ling Jing economic and legal area ,with a very convenient transporation. JIA TAI has 40 technologist, 600 workers. Our main products are Hairpiece series, Wigs, Extension Hair series, and Mannequin Head series and Hairdressing accessories,etc. More than 600 kinds of pr...

Shanda Pipe Industry Group Co., Ltd. Henan

CHINA Henan_Xuchan

Shanda Pipe Industry Group Co., Ltd. of Henan Province is located in the well Changge steel markets, from Xinzheng International Airport 30 kilometers, left Beijing-Canton Railway, Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway, close to 107 national highway, the traffic is very convenient. The company scope of business: 4 -8 inch high-frequency welded pipe, threading pipe, tube racks, spiral pipe, pipe hot dip, cold-plated pipes, ...

Changge Yixin Hair Products Co.,Ltd

CHINA Xuchang

Changge Yixin Hair Products Co.,Ltd. Is located in the world’s largest hair production base-Xuchang,Website:, Henan, China. We have a long history, rich experience with the diversified products. We specialize in the research and production of the hair products. In 2009, 2010, It has been awarded the title of “Good credit Enterprise “by local government; In 2014,2015,has won the honorary...

Changge Xin Chau Metal Smelter

CHINA Henan_Xuchan

Changge Jinan Xin Chau metal smelters formerly Air Force Logistics (formerly Wuhan Air Force Logistics Minister Ge Ji, the now de-link with the base); in Changge week national recycling economy District, Zhongxing Avenue Erduan, back Getian Shi Changge hometown, south of the three ancient capital of Xuchang, west of Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway and 107 National Highway, north Xinzheng International Airport, beautiful sc...

Xuchang Brother Papermaking Machinery Co., LTD

CHINA Henan_Xuchan

Taking all brother papermaking wei machinery Co., LTD is located in "the laudatory name" WeiDouOu sandu xuchang, henan province is located in the central henan province, has been put, economic and social development of henan province is one of active, zhongyuan granary, cities, especially developed nonpublic economy "henan wenzhou". All brother papermaking machinery xuchang taka Co., LTD. For 20 years history, stre...

Spring Network Technology Co., Ltd. Henan

CHINA Henan_Xuchan

Network Technology Co., Ltd. Xuchang Spring is dedicated to the Golden Software registration, website development, web promotion, software development and application of integrated services company. Companies rely on advanced network technology, advanced management concepts, the development of capacity to create, for the user a complete online marketing program to provide network services. The company has a ...

Henan Sheng Department Of Biological Science And Te

CHINA Henan_Xuchan

Located in Henan Province Changge, factory area of 36,000 square meters, 269 workers, mainly producing osteopontin (bone type concentrated liquid or bone, meat extract); beef, pork, chicken fine paste and beef, pork meat, chicken powder and other natural food ingredients; Korean beef powder, seasoning sauce, hot pot special soup, rice noodle soup composite materials such as natural flavoring; frozen leisure fried, fr...

Henan Changgeshi Yongda Machinery

CHINA Henan_Xuchan

Henan ChangGeShi yongda factory is located in the hinterland ChangGeShi native ge's days, east to beijing-zhuhai expressway, capital, zhengzhou north jingguang railway, through downtown, the transportation is convenient, the geographical position is superior. Our factory is scientific research, development, production, which integrates modern enterprise. Main products are concrete shotcrete machine, injection machin...

Xuchang Chunlei Machinery Factory

CHINA Henan_Xuchan

Our factory is with the quality, credibility principle, innovation technology, after years of unremitting efforts, and developed a molding adjustable elastic fabric width (machine), a new generation of automatic guided by machine sewing machine) by the quilt/community customer trust and welcome. The new generation of automatic guided by machine sewing machine) (quilt / 7-9-11 needle), crushed by one, simple operat...

Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. Henan Kai

CHINA Henan_Xuchan

Henan Agricultural Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the Central Plains Kai hinterland Changge Henan Industrial Park Slope Huzhen Sheng Village, north of Zhengzhou the capital of the south are Xuchang Wei, Beijing-Guangzhou railway, Beijing-Zhuhai expressway, 107 national road run through, high-speed long-Cheng Yao Ge entrance. Developed transport and flow of information. Our main 220 / 225 Model / 325 Model / ...

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