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JCtrans offers a guarantee that each enrolled GCP member is covered for claims of up to US$100,000 per year for money lost due to non-payment.

SAMER & CO. Shipping Serbia

SERBIA Belgrade

We are part of Samer Group founded 1919 in Trieste. Dedicated team of logistic profesionals, capable of handling all AIR,SEA,ROAD,CC,PROJECT services, vast experience on local market with big Know-How in local ...

Tel:00385 99 24

2 years

Cargomind (Serbia) D.O.O.

SERBIA New Belgrade

Cargomind (Serbia) is a subsidiary of the Cargomind Group, which operates in 12 countries in Central and Eastern Europe, South East Europe and China. Our office is located in New Belgrade, a central business ...


1 year


Logistic House D.O.O.

SERBIA Belgrade

The organization of transport in general requires overcoming a number of stressful situations for each individual, both organizational and formal legal. The key to resolving these problems is the TRUST between the owner of the shipment and the house that takes responsibility for the realization of its delivery. Practice has shown that direct carriers of transport (owners of transportation means) usually out of person...

Vectura 3SL Doo Beograd

SERBIA Belgrade

Road freight company based in Serbia. We transport goods across Europe.

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