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SWEDEN Gothenburg

Logistics is now an essential and strategic issue for all corporate management. More and more businesses are choosing to transfer their logistics to companies that specialise in services within third-party logistics. This can cover everything from warehousing to complete logistics solutions. A well-developed, customised logistics solution can increase competitiveness in numerous ways, while allowing the company to fo...

AB Axel Hofstedt

SWEDEN Gothenburg

At Axel Hofstedt we can arrange the whole transport and see to it that the goods are picked up or delivered, carried from airport to harbour, in and out of Customs, from rail station to cargo terminal etc. Active co-operation – Personal service The lines of decision-making are short at Axel Hofstedt and we are very flexible. The will to solve all transport problems is there and we are always at your service....

Swedish Export Agents

SWEDEN Vastra Fr?lu

We are an Import and 'export company dealing in motorcycles and cars, trucks and machines, food and beverage. We operate in Europe and the Middle East



We are a family of brands, driven by our desire to make great design available to everyone in a sustainable way. Together we offer fashion, design and services, that enable people to be inspired and to express their own personal style, making it easier to live in a more circular way.


SWEDEN Gothenburg

We connect the European customers to the local forwarders in Asia, so that they have both good service and cheap price.

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