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AT&F Global
  • Daesung Logistics Co., Ltd. KOREA SOUTH  
    Credit Points:90 Activity Points:1869

    Daesung Logistics Co., Ltd. Daesung Logistics Co Ltd is a multi-transport & logistics service provider which helps cargo owners to improve overseas competitiveness along with global partnership in major international transportation industry. With competitive freight charges and responsible business..

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  • Jung Jin Logis Co., Ltd. KOREA SOUTH  
    Credit Points:60 Activity Points:93

    Jung Jin Logis Co., Ltd. is specialized at organize Cross Trade (Triangular business).Now we do have our own Cross Trade (regular shipments) to European territories including UK that is originated (shipped-out) from Indonesia & China, etc. Of course, switch HB/L (2nd leg HB/L) is being issued & rele..

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  • GNG Corporation KOREA SOUTH  
    Credit Points:36 Activity Points:102

    In July of 2001 GNG CORPORATION (Formerly known as Giant Asia Co., Ltd.), was established in Seoul, Korea. In August of 2001, we opened our office at Incheon airport, serving the greater Seoul area, and in 2004 we opened an operations building near Gimpo International Airport, also serving the great..

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  • AGL Co., Ltd. KOREA SOUTH  
    Credit Points:34 Activity Points:178

    AGL is one of fast growing freight forwarders in Korea. AGL started its operation in 2003 and has WCA registered offices in Seoul and Busan, doing all ranges of freight forwarding business. We handle airfreight, sea freight, import & export, Customs clearance, 3PL, and inland transportation. Its spe..

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  • Star Global Logistics Co.,Ltd KOREA SOUTH  
    Credit Points:32 Activity Points:57

    Star Global Logistics. Co. Ltd is to provide the best possible freight services along with reasonable price, offering wide arrays of logistic related services such as air freight, ocean freight, truckload & packing, your trustw|thy partner. Our company has about 60 staffs, and sales 35 million USD i..

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  • Universal Sea & Air Co., Ltd. KOREA SOUTH  
    Credit Points:32 Activity Points:38

    Universal Sea & Air Co., Ltd. (UNIVSA) was established on November 9, 2000. Today, UNIVSA provides a wide range of comprehensive services to and from Asia, South America, USA, Europe, Africa and the rest of the world. We are the first-awarded international freight forwarder in Korea succeeded from U..

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    Credit Points:32 Activity Points:29

    Assemble Trade & F|warding (AT&F Global Co., Ltd.) was founded in September 10th, 2010. We are AEO certified, IATA/CASS and FIATA member and have our own licensed Customs broker. We build up a very good relationship with most of major airlines & carriers and believe it could help our WCA fellows. ..

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  • Lodestar Sea & Air Co., Ltd. KOREA SOUTH  
    Credit Points:30 Activity Points:91

    Lodestar Sea & Air ., ltd, was found in 2003 by a professional team of total logistics, we provide a large variety of services, ranging fm general freight f|warding by sea/air/break bulk to customs brokerage, haulage, warehouseing. We formed good & strong relationship with many famous shipping lines..

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    Credit Points:30 Activity Points:65

    EM GLOBAL CO., LTD founded in 1998 and began its operations with one vision. Aim to provide a reliable, flexible and affordable service to all of our clients. That vision has enabled us to grow not just locally, but globally. Today, EM GLOBAL CO., LTD owns and operates a 7,000 sq. ft bounded warehou..

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  • Borg Air Sea Transport Inc KOREA SOUTH  
    Credit Points:30 Activity Points:42

    With strong desires to provide complete one-stop transportation, high-quality services, & customer-oriented services for clients, Borg Air Sea Transport was established in 2004. Borg Air Sea Transport is fully capable to provide a complete line of International and domestic freight forwarding ser..

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