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Notice for Missing Persons

As a global freight forwarding network, JCtrans provides global logistics enterprises with a platform on which to find trustworthy partners with good reputation.

NULLCurrently, a formal complaint had been made about SEOJIN SHIPPING CO., LTD(South Korea) by one of GCP members from Japan.

The company that was complained is referred as below:
Mr Victor,Mr RIO

Phone :82-2-10-5378 2584
Address :6F, Yongbi-ochunga, 75 Naesu-dong, Chongro-Gu, Seoul,South KOREA.

The total non-payment amount owing Japan GCP member is USD 31059.96.
SEOJIN SHIPPING CO., LTD(South Korea) has postponed the payment which has been lasted for apprx 4 months.

JCtrans was contacted by our GCP members for assistance and JCtrans has tried to communicate with SEOJIN SHIPPING CO., LTD(South Korea) in the past three months, unfortunately, postponing again at the beginning and no any reply now.

It will be highly appreciated if you can assist with any information you may have to Japan membership.

Thanks for your kindly attention and cooperation in advance.

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