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Global Freight Forwarders Conference Is Ready To Go-Meet in Chongqing

2018-09-05 Source: Jctrans

It’s a mountain city built on top of multiple ranges of hills, the “City of Frog” in China that needs to be removed from the fog to see the real person, the city of “Hot Stove” of the summer heat, a charming city contains spicy food and gorgeous persons. A perfect combination of historical contingency and inevitability makes the city full street life and modern civilization. It is Chongqing.

Today, a global conference will connect you and this historical city -The 9th Global Freight Forwarders Conference 2018, which will join hands with over 1500 senior executives from 100 countries and five continents. The 9th Global Freight Forwarders Conference 2018 is one of the most influential high-end conferences, and the only event in Asia that covers the logistics industry and related derivative industries. As companion of Thailand conference, this conference will last method of enterprises face to face to discuss. According to more than 10,000 rounds of one-to-one meetings to help enterprises expand relationships and resources. This conference will be launched through business activities including opening ceremony, speech, forum, name-card lunch, one-to-one meeting, welcome banquet and cocktail reception so as to break the barrier on industry communication and strengthen delegates’ business cooperation. Chongqing is located in the eastern economic developed area and the resource-rich area of the western region of China. It is the largest port on the upper reaches of the Yangtze River, the only comprehensive transportation hub in the western region that integrates five modes of transportation: road, railway, water, air and pipeline. With the construction of a series of transportation facilities, such as "Chongqing-New Europe" railway and Shanghai-Chongqing high-speed railway, the foundation of modern logistics has been laid. It is worth mentioning that by end of Sep. 2017, the “Southbound Channel” of the Sino-Singapore interconnection project was normally operated and attracted the attention of the whole western region which was highly recognized by the international market. Under the framework of Sino-Singapore strategic interconnection and interchange project and background of a series of national policies and the trend of economic and industrial development, Chongqing is taken as the operation center, and through international cooperation and regional linked to create a new type of international land and sea trade opening to the outside world in the western part of China, in which the combined railway and sea transportation is the main channel. The "Southward Passage" is connected to 9 ASEAN countries at the sea and is connected to 7 countries in the Indo-China Peninsula on the land, which is conducive to promoting the "Belt and Road" construction and the great development of the western region, and has important strategic significance. Over the years, the Global Freight Forwarders Conference has been held in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Ningbo and Thailand. For the first time this year, it settled in the inland city of Chongqing. On the one hand, it responded to the positive voice of inland freight forwarding logistics enterprises, on the other hand, it took a fancy to Chongqing as an important strategic position of the western logistics center, and strengthened its alliance to exert synergy. The convening of this conference will certainly bring more advanced development concepts and broader ideas to Chongqing logistics industry, and help Chongqing to create a modern logistics center in the west.
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