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The 9th Global Freight Forwarders Conference 2018

2018-10-19 Source: Jctrans

Congratulations on the inauguration of the 9th Global Freight Forwarders Conference

The 9th Global Freight Forwarders Conference, hosted by JCtrans Logistics Network, was grandly held at Yuelai International Conference Center in Chongqing on Oct. 17th,2018. As a grand trans-regional and cross-border logistics platform, the summit has expanded the cooperation channels for agents home and abroad. More than 1,500 forwarders from more than 100 countries and regions attended the opening ceremony, including industry elites, business leaders and government officials. The gala won praise from the whole logistics industry and was widely reported by the media. Chongqing is a famous historical and cultural city in China with a written history of 3,000 years. Now it is one of the four municipalities in China, and the only one in the western China. Besides, Chongqing plays an important role in the national strategy "One Belt, One Road", it boasts a vital geographical position, connecting the three great economic circles: Europe, Asian-pacific Area and ASEAN. Chongqing, a modern and ancient city, greets the opportunities and challenges from the new era with their unique vigorous spirits and broad mind. The 9th Global Freight Forwarders Conference will definitely facilitate the development of Chongqing. Wang kuiwan, deputy secretary general of Chongqing Municipal Government, attended the conference and delivered a speech. He said the Global Freight Forwarders Conference held by JCtrans Logistics Network has significant industrial value. Logistics entrepreneurs around the world got together in Chongqing and enjoyed a win-win cooperation, meanwhile, they also witnessed the huge achievements that Chongqing government has made for building a world-class modern hub port. Wang Derong, executive vice president of China Communications and Transportation Association, attended this summit and delivered a speech. Mr. Wang highly praised the industrial value of this Conference and hoped that JCtrans could contribute more to the guidance on the transformation of traditional logistics enterprises in the future. Song Xuexin, CEO of JCtrans Logistics Network, extended a warm welcome to the guests from all over the world. He said, since the "One Belt, One Road" was initiated in 2013, China's logistics industry has met great opportunities for development. JCtrans has actively responsed to the national strategy of " One Belt, One Road ", taking advantage of the widespread influence of enterprises at home and abroad, regarding the global market as the guidance, greatly exploring the potential of "Internet + logistics (E-Logistics) operation mode", boostering logistics enterprises and seeking common development and progress, striving to be a real pivot connecting China and international logistics, just as the " One Belt, One Road " initiated. Stauffen, secretary-general of the German Logistics Alliance, said that in recent years, China and Germany have made pragmatic progress in all-round, multi-level and multi-field cooperation, maintained a sound economic and trade cooperation, and the development of bilateral relations has entered a period of acceleration. As major economies in the world, China and Germany should work together to write a new chapter of sound development and mutual benefit in Sino-German cooperation. On our summit forum, Han Baochang, the director of China-Singapore (Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity Bureau, Tian Bo, deputy general manager of Trade Finance Department of Bank of China head office, Chen Ming, senior project manager of JCtrans logictic network, Lu Bensen, president of Tianjin Miaosen Sanhe Service Co., Ltd, Bao Qiuxi, department manager of Zhejiang HAORI Supply Chain Management Co. LTD, Wang Yongguang, president of Shanghai Weimei International Logistics Co. Ltd and other guests discussed about hot topics like “One belt, one road”, “E-logistic”, “supply-chain-finance”, “container shipping”, “international freight forwarders”, “custom clearance’s function and “position in logistic”, “Sino-US logistic” and so on. We built a high-level bridge for attendees to learn deeply and explore widely. During forum, Shenyang Luqiao international freight forwarding co. LTD had the honor to win JCtrans’s “ Global Logistics Industry Elite Award”, owning to their outstanding brand influence and service quality. Wang Derong, executive vice president of China Communications and Transportation Association gave trophy to them. “One-to-one meeting” which attracted a lot of attentions, always served our clients with tenet of “International View, Outstanding Strength, Perfect Match, Down-to-Earth Work and Impressive Efficiency”. It constructed an expressway for the business cooperation of logistic forwarders at home and abroad. Companies from all over the world gathered here to present their strength and express their cooperation intention. 30-minutes a round talk can make sure our attendee.
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