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The 1st “The Belt and Road” International Freight Forwarders Conference 2019

2019-05-17 Source: Jctrans

The 1st “The Belt and Road” International Freight Forwarders Conference 2019

In order to promote the exchanges and negotiations among the logistics enterprises for countries along the “The Belt and Road”, strengthen the interconnection of logistics enterprises for countries along the China-Europe Railway Express, create a new ecology for constructing logistics channels of Asia-Europe trade, and promote further establishment of “The Belt and Road”, JCtrans gathers global resources to hold The 1st “The Belt and Road” International Freight Forwarders Conference 2019 and Forum on CR Express Development in Chongqing, China.

Operating companies from more than 20 lines of China Railway Express will attend this summit, which includes Chongqing-Sinkiang-Europe International Railway(YUXINOU International Railway Logistics), Rongou Express(Chengdu-Europe Investment and Development Co., Ltd), Zhengzhou-Europe International Block train(Zhengzhou International Hub Development And Construction Co., ltd), Xiang'ou Express(Hunan Xiang'ou Express Co., Ltd), Hanxinou Express(Wuhan Asia-Europe Logistics), Madrid-Yiwu Train(Timex), Sumanou Express, Hamanou Express etc. The operators will carry out accurate matching and efficient docking with internal and external agencies, help enterprises to quickly accumulate the resources of China-Europe Railway Express agents and customers home and abroad, maximize the network resources and seek cooperation opportunities.

We will invite over 400 excellent business executives from among 30 countries worldwide to this conference, activities will be launched including speech, spike dialogue, name-card lunch, tea break communication, welcome banquet, one to one meetings so as to build a bridge of communication and help enterprises to improve their influence, establish a platform for their win-win cooperation. Apart from this, the organizer will hold a welcome banquet as well to let attendees from all over the world make friends in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere and promote their win-win cooperation.

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