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The Grand Opening of 11th Global Freight Forwarder Conference in 2019

2019-09-25 Source: Jctrans

On September 25, 2019, the 11th Global Freight Forwarders Conference, hosted by JCtrans Logistics Network, was opened at Guangzhou Nanfung Langham Place.


On September 25, 2019, the 11th Global Freight Forwarders Conference, hosted by JCtrans Logistics Network, was opened at Guangzhou Nanfung Langham Place. It brought together more than 100 countries and regions around the world, more than 2,000 senior enterprises executives to attend the summit. It fully demonstrated the influence and appeal of this summit in the logistics industry.


Mr. Yuxin, CEO of JCtrans Logistics Network, expressed his heartfelt thanks and warm welcome to the guests from all over the world. He said that since its establishment in 2003, JCtrans Logistics Network has been relying on e-commerce and network public platform to integrate domestic and foreign logistics industry resources and trade customer resources. It now has nearly 10 million enterprise users from more than 200 countries and regions, and hundreds of thousands of enterprises from both sides of supply and requisitioning parties release information such as freight rate, bidding, agency, etc.


Mr. Li Gang, Vice President of China Transport Association, was invited to attend and deliver a speech. He said that logistics industry, as a basic, strategic, leading and service-oriented industry supporting the development of national economy, is also the carrier of "five links" such as policy communication, facility communication, trade unimpeded, financial integration and people-to-people connectivity.


Mr. Guo Minjie, Chairman of National Transportation Association Logistics Technology and equipment committee, was invited to attend and deliver a speech, he said that the Global Freight Forwarders Conference has important industry value. The Summit built a platform for in-depth exchanges and cooperation among global logistics enterprises. He also wished the summit a complete success and the guests a fruitful harvest.


Ms. Sun Na, Vice General Manager of Marketing Department, General Manager of Thailand Branch of Hitpound International Logistics Holding Group, delivered a brilliant speech on the theme of "New Logistics, New Hub". She said that by 2021, the added value of Xi'an's logistics industry will reach 120 billion RMB, and the number of Logistics Enterprises for 4A level will grow double, reaching to more than 40.


Mr. Lu Benson, Chairman of Tianjin Miaosen  Sanhe  Harbor  Service  Co.,Ltd, said that maritime transport is a way of using ships to transport goods between ports of different countries and regions through sea routes, which is the most widely used way in international cargo transport. At present, more than two-thirds of the total international trade volume and about 90% of China's total import and export freight volume are transported by sea.

Ruwan Premathilaka.jpg

Mr. Ruwan Premathilaka, Managing Director of Now 365 Logistics Limited , introduced the current situation of New Zealand's logistics industry in details with the theme of "Opportunities for the Development of New Zealand's Logistics Industry", and gave a brilliant speech on the development trend of New Zealand's logistics industry.


Mr.Chen Tan, Import Department Manager of Shanghai Alliance International Freight Forwarding Co., Ltd. said that with the rapid development of China's economy and the deepening process of economic and trade globalization, the scale of imported food consumption in China grew rapidly. During the decade of 2009-2018, the scale of imported food grew rapidly at a compound growth rate of 17.7%, exceeding more than $70 billion at the first time in 2018.


Ms.Meng Wenya, project training manager of JCtrans Logistics Network, delivered a brilliant speech on the current situation and future development trend of freight forwarding industry. Through the sharing of a large number of data and real cases, she provided corresponding solutions and suggestions for enterprises, which made it easier for enterprises to develop business and realized the transformation from looking for customers to customers seeking cooperation themselves.


Mr.Yan Xiayu, General Manager of Shenzhen Bojun Import Supply Chain Co., Ltd, takes "Bojun Import - Committed to Import Trade Facilitation" as the theme, analyses the development prospects of the import and export trade industry through a large number of data and cases, and gives corresponding solutions according to possible problems.

The Global Freight Forwarders Conference is one of the most influential conferences in logistics industry, which covers the logistics industry and related derivative industries. Since its inception in 2008, it has been successfully held in Shanghai, Guangzhou, Thailand, Ningbo, Chongqing, Malaysia and other places. The number of participants has increased year by year. It has become an important meeting for Chinese and foreign logistics enterprises to enhance mutual trust, expand practical cooperation and business contacts. JCtrans Logistics Network expects more logistics enterprises to join us and build a large family of global logistics enterprises.

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