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Epidemic Prevention Guide

Enterprise Prevention


Before Resumption of Work

1. Enterprises that resume work and production should establish a leadership mechanism for epidemic prevention and control with persons chiefly in charge of overall responsibility. With clear goals and tasks and detailed specific measures, enterprises should implement the responsibility of the primary responsible person of the enterprise, consciously assume the responsibility for the prevention and control of the enterprise and the expenditure, and establish the ledger for the prevention and control of the epidemic in all links and processes.

2.Enterprises should formulate the response plan for the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, and make preparations for emergency isolation and isolation observation sites. Enterprises should improve the system of pre-service inspection, registration and tracking of absenteeism due to illness, ventilation and disinfection. Enterprises should establish staff fever and other abnormal conditions of the recording system, designated person responsible for daily understanding of the health status.

3.Enterprises should establish a "roster" of returning employees, implement health status "one person one file" management, check the source of each employee in advance and the activity trajectory within 14 days, and give priority to local employees to return to work. Employees who have been in close contact with confirmed cases or suspected cases in Hubei province within the past 14 days shall report in strict accordance with relevant regulations and go to the designated place for isolation observation; People from other priority areas (provinces with more than 500 confirmed cases) in the past 14 days were quarantined at home for 14 days. The employees who need to return because of production truly, if are in normal temperature test and with no history of close contact, can be back in accordance with the "shall not be allowed to leave the factory premises to work, dormitory or designated areas for 14 days" , doing daily health monitoring and registration at the same time. If any abnormal situation happens, immediately report the competent department of industry, health department or community.

4.Enterprises should promptly equip employees with protective items such as masks, gloves, temperature meters, hand sanitizer, disinfectant water, alcohol and other disinfectant products according to the needs of epidemic prevention and control.To set up a temporary isolation room and prepare for emergencies.

5.Disinfect the office area, dormitory and restaurant area in advance. Before resumption of work, carry out all-out epidemic prevention and control, personal protection, safety education and training, educate and guide employees to wear masks, wash their hands frequently, pay attention to hygiene, cooperate with inspection. Do not believe rumors or spread rumors and please report the epidemic in time.


After Resumption of Work

1.Emphasize that all employees wear masks to work and live.

2.Closed management as much as possible, strict entry and exit registration policy. Personnel entering the enterprise must take a temperature measurement and register well.

3.Strengthen employees health monitoring, set temperature measurement points, and designate someone to take temperature measurements of employees daily. For employees who have fever, cough and other abnormal symptoms, they should be sent to the city hospital for a hot clinic in a timely manner, and immediately report to the industry authority, health department or community.

4.To disinfect the environment in a densely populated area, the plant area, workshop, hall, corridor, meeting room, elevator, staircase, bathroom, canteen, collective dormitory and other places must be disinfected daily.

5.Strictly implement the vehicle management policy. Vehicles in key areas during the epidemic are forbidden from entering the enterprise.

6.Reduce unnecessary meetings, dinners and group activities.

7.Employees eat in batches or scattered meals.

8.Avoid gathering people at work and workplace.

9.Equipped with hand washing faucet, hand sanitizer, toilet paper and other items.

10.Set up a special trash bin to store and dispose of masks.

11.During the epidemic, try not to arrange people to travel to key epidemic areas such as Hubei province.

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