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Epidemic Prevention Guide

Wash Hands


What is the effect of“washing hands”on preventing respiratory-borne diseases ?

Wash hands correctly is one of the most effective method to prevent diarrhea and respiratory-borne infectious diseases.  Authorities like Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, WHO and CDC of USA recommend to wash hands totally with soap and clean water.

Six steps to wash hands correctly

1.Rub the palms of both hands with each other(hands together and rub for 5 times) 

2.Cross hands to rub the finger seams(the palm cover the back of the other hand, overlap the hands, change hands to rub 5 times )

3.Rub finger seams with“palms to palms”(“palms to palms”and “fingers crossed”for 5 times)

4.Use finger tip to rub the palm, same with left and right hand(finger tip to palm for 5 times)

5.Hold the thumb of the other hand to rub, rub 5 times for each hand

6.Bend the finger to spin on the palm of the other hand, rub for 5 times for each hand



When to wash hand

Before and after transferring the file; After cough; Before, Amid and After making food; Before having meal; After going to the bathroom; When your hand is dirty; After touching the animal; After coming back from outside.   

What to do when there is no clean water to wash hands when going out without clean water?

You can clean you hand with alcohol disinfection products. Corona-virus is not “Acid resistance” or “Alkali resistance”, and is sensitive to organic solvents and disinfectant. 75% alcohol can kill the virus, so the alcohol disinfection products with certain concentration can be the replacement for “washing hand with running water”. 

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