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15 Points of Chinease Freight Forwarders You Should Know

freight forwarding is a freight forwarder, not the actual carrier of the shipping company. Freight forwarding and logistics (third-party), freight companies are essentially the same.


freight forwarding is a freight forwarder, not the actual carrier of the shipping company. Freight forwarding and logistics (third-party), freight companies are essentially the same. Freight forwarding is also different from shipping agency. Shipping agency can handle booking, signing, order modification, and shipping on behalf of shipping company.

15 points of freight forwarders you should know:

1. Freight forwarding refers to freight forwarder,they are not the actual carrier of shipping company.

2. Freight forwarding, logistics (third-party), and freight companies are essentially the same.

3. Freight forwarder is also different from shipping agency,shipping agency can do booking,signing ,order modification and releasing containers,etc..

4. freight forwarders have different ranks.

5. First-class freight forwarders can directly book space with shipping companies, but they are not necessarily eligible for booking. Many shipping companies only designate a few freight forwarders as booking hatches. Most of the first class can only be limited to a few shipping companies that have the right to book.

6. A first-class forwarder with the right to book space may not be able to get a good price and service. In many cases, the forwarder who booked the space has to get the best price and space from the forwarder (other first-level or second-level) through which he booked the space.

7. Cooperation among Freight forwards is normal.  And the cargo owners mainly cares whether the freight forwarder is suitable for them.

8. Freight forwarders at ports (such as Shanghai and Ningbo) are not necessarily first-class agents, and more than 90% of port forwarders are also freight forwarders or second-class agents without booking rights.

9. The main work of freight forwarders is booking space,customs declaration and so on.

10. Yes,freight forwarders can also do customs declaration.

11. The cargo owner must book the space with the shipping company through the freight forwarder, although the shipping company receives your cargo owner's order, and finally it must be done through the freight forwarder.

12. LCL bookings are not made with shipping companies, but through freight forwarders. Shipping companies generally do not accept LCL, so LCL bills of lading are generally not shipping company bills of lading.

13. The essence of the NVOCC and the first-class freight forwarder is also the same. The former is approved by the Ministry of Communications, and the latter is approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation. The former can issue ocean freight invoices, and the latter can only use agent invoices. Both can open a US dollar ticket. But if both are possible, you can only choose one.


14. A freight forwarding company can be the first-class freight forwarder and NVOCC at the same time.

15. To choose a good freight forwarder mainly depends on his service,service is the key point. Of course, we also hope to get a best price. Whether it is a first-level freight forwarder, a second-level freight forwarder or a NVOCC, the one that suits you is the best.

Hope you can find the good freight forwarder you like.Welcome to JCtrans Logistics Network to meet your real freight forwarder partner.



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