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5 Days Countdown to the 2nd JCtrans Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference 2020

19th-23rd October,2020, the Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference ready to return.

19th-23rd October,2020, the Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference ready to return.

After the sound successful of the first Cloud Conference hold in May 2020, the 2nd Cloud Conference hosted by JCtrans network will continue to gather a number of industry giants, senior professionals, enterprise representatives to discuss how to leverage the Internet to empower the traditional industry more possibilities when the global economy encountered the second wave of epidemic.


Preview of the second Cloud Conference's distinguished guests

★ Vice President and Secretary General of China Transportation Association Li Gang

★ Vice President of China Association of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Enterprises Cai Jiaxiang

★ Vice President and Secretary General of China International Freight Forwarders Association  Li Zhimin

★Deputy Secretary General of Asia-Europe Land Bridge Logistics Branch of China Communications and Transportation Association Wu Jingyu

★ President of Tianjin International Freight Forwarders Association Yu Shiping

★ Famous Chinese maritime law expert, senior consultant of JCtrans Logistics Network Meng Yuqun

With the reopening of global economies, the world is gradually approaching its normal trajectory and must adapt to the new changes with a new mindset and perspective. The epidemic saw how fast of the renewal process of the trade and logistics industry, and how to grasp such trend is the key of the moment. During the meeting, the guests will discuss about how the international logistics industry which suffered from COVID-19  explore new path of company development, presenting thought feast with authoritative, instructive and forward-looking for conference attendees.

Notice for 5 highlights of GFFC

“Creative” is the soul of the Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference, so what are the brights of this online meeting?

No1: 5 days*24 hours, talk business at any time, 24 hours one-to-one customer service,providing customers with high-quality services!

No2: Make appointment in advance+ book meeting at any time, the system open 24 hours! One to one schedule system already opened at 24:00 29th September (UTC+8 Beijing)

No3: Online meeting 1V15, online intelligent exhibition which include 6 pavilions: China, Asia, Europe, America, Africa,Oceania, on the exhibition, at most 15 people can attend the video meeting.

No4: Negotiation reputation system, which keep on record of customers who miss the meeting in real time, to ensure that every participant can attend meeting on time.

No5: Now the meeting in the countdown stage, “the delayed application service” will be opened to ensure the negotiation effect!

After leaning about our cloud conference, are you interested in participating now? According to the latest data from conference service team: Until 14th October, there are more than 1000 companies from over 100 countries have registered for the cloud conference. Meeting places is going to be sold out, your reliable partners are here,what are you waiting for? 


Looking back to 2020, COVID-19 came suddenly without warning. Logistics industry has suffered even though all walks of life are on their way of returning to work;

However, due to the effect of COVID-19,global demand shows the growth of a blowout type in the second quarter;

At the moment,how do traditional logistics companies survive and develop?    

How does the old model of company find a way of transition when the market has been refreshed.

With such challenges and opportunities, global freight forwarders need to be inspired and building win-win relationship with each other  through a supportive cloud conference.

The global freight forwarders cloud conference will open new avenues and situations with the strategy of technological innovation that drives development of traditional industries. Focusing on hot spot analysis、business negotiation and project promotion,the cloud conference aim to promote experience sharing between global freight forwarders and devote to innovative development of global logistics industry.

For learning more details of the cloud conference, please check


Special thanks to:

Co-organizer: Tianjin International Freight Forwarders Association

Exclusive Sponsor: Real Logistics from Poland

Strategic Partner: GHABZE SOLUTIONS EUROPE Independent Freight Forwarding Agency Ltd from Hungry

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