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  • What Are Freight Brokers?---Freight Forwarders & Ship I ... 2020-08-14

    Shipping market segmentation has created professional brokers in different professional fields who are mainly divided into the following categories:chartering broker, sale&purchase broker, freight forwarders (agent), insurance broker.

  • What Are Freight Brokers?---Sale&Purchase Broker (II) 2020-08-13

    Due to the asymmetry of transaction information, the high value of ships, the lack of normative regulations, and the strong technical nature of ship trading,so the sale&purchase broker is indispensable in shipping business.

  • Why people use Freight Forwarding services? 2020-08-07

    Freight forwarders is an important part of international logistics,they play a multi-faced role to settle problems of cross-border trade.What services they can do?This blog will tell you.

  • Who Will Bear the Bad Debt Happened Between Internation ... 2020-07-31

    Due to Covid-19 happened this year, many freight forwarders found it’s hard to collect payment and it makes the logistics companies a tough time. However, there’s someone who can help global freight forwarders to solve this problem.

  • JCtrans Logistics Network's BlackList 2020-05-29

    As a global freight forwarding network, JCtrans provides global logistics enterprises with a platform on which to find trustworthy partners with good reputation.

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