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Digital warehouse platform ShareHouse adds new features

2019-04-15 Source: Jctrans

Growth accelerating thanks to new functions on Imperial Logistics’ platform to provide or find temporary or long-term storage

Growth has accelerated sinceShareHouse – the innovative digital warehouse platform launched by Imperial Logistics at the beginning of 2018 – added two new functions to its portal that it claims make the process of finding or letting storage space even easier for users.

Visitors to the ShareHouse site can now request offers direct from suitable warehouse providers, and message them with any additional questions. Warehouse providers can then respond to these questions and create a tailored offer through the platform.

“Our users told us that communication before committing to a storage space is really important for both parties, as warehousing is a complex matter,” said J?rg Kl?pper, ShareHouse’s managing director. “The activity on our platform has increased dramatically since we launched this feature, proving its value to our users.”

The Berlin-based startup has also launched an ‘Experts Service’: if a user cannot find a suitable warehouse on the platform database, he can advise his requirements to the expert team at ShareHouse via chat, e-mail or phone. 

Jan Hepke, head of marketing and sales at ShareHouse, said: “We have a network of more than 4,000 logistics companies all over Germany that are additional to those already on the platform. From this pool, our experts can locate the right warehouse for even the most complex request.”

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