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Across the Ocean Shipping made donation to The Salvation Army on Australian Bushfire

2020-03-27 Source: Jctrans

Bushfire Relief Appeal

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As the rest of Australia and the world watched on, Across the Ocean Shipping and their staff were devastated to see the destruction as hundreds of bushfires destroyed lives and large regions of Australia. Across the Ocean Shipping couldn’t stand by without contributing to the rebuild, with the help of our network partners, we were able to make the following donation.

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Phyny Tran and Ben Jackson from Across the Ocean Shipping were proud to present a donation of $3,325.00 

to Lt-Colonel Neil Venables – the Secretary of Communications at The Salvation Army.

Record breaking temperatures and months of severe drought had fuelled a series of massive bushfires across Australia in the summer of 2019/2020. People’s lives, properties, animals and communities damaged, although the area of Richmond where our Melbourne Office is located has not been directly affected by the bushfires, we have seen the plumes of smoke travel hundreds of kilometres blanketing the city causing the air quality to become hazardous. During the month of January, Across the Ocean Shipping decided to donate a percentage of all bookings made to The Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is actively supporting those affected by bushfires.

We thank all our clients and agents who have booked shipments with Across the Ocean Shipping for making this donation possible.

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