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Euroway International Logistics GmbH

Euroway International Logistics was founded in 2005, formed business between Europe and Asia mainly on sea / Air / Railway freights for DDU DDP, Exwork supporting services . Especially in our excellent FBA shipping delivery service, we stand out among well-known freight companies in Germany, we contribute a great deal on the development to E-Business with lowered costs and steadied logistics methods.

Along with the start “one Belt and one Road”, EUROWAY developed FCL LCL loading - unloading, appropriable distribution, as well 2nd- Hand container buying and selling with depot in all terminals in Germany .

EUROWAY avoids potential risks for project cargos and parallel-import cars, up to L/C with to car inspection by bounded warehouse, as well as redemption of all documents.

Our haulage service by truck / Barge / railway to Switzerland, Austria, Poland, Czech as well as Denmark, Sweden, Norway in the north. Since we have signed contracts with Russian carriers, railways, warehouses and Feeder, developed land-bridge transportation in true meaning.

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