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Super Popular International Logistics (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd

Super Popular International Logistics CO., LTD. is an international freight f|warder, established with the approval of the Ministry of Commerce & State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE), registered capital of 5.5 million Chinese Yuan. We provide following services for our customers, sea freight, air freight, road freight and rail freight, entry-exit inspection and quarantine inspection, business consultation, exhibition services, domestic and international freight forwarding services; Engaged in loading and unloading, development of Logistics Distribution Information System and Computer and Network System; Supply chain management and related supporting services; Logistics solution design; Container stuffing and devanning; Logistics information consulting services; The application and management of new logistics technology; Management of e-commerce; Industries Investment; Innovation activities planning, exhibition planning; Business incubator construction and operation management. import and export of goods and technology. Cargo Storage; The port service, ship pilotage services; Port tugboat service; Cargo ship docked and provision supply services. We have a worldwide network consist of more than 500 partner, we are experienced in especially the North and South America routes and have established a reliable service network. We have developed strategic partnership with ship companies-MSK, CMA and ZIM, MSC, HPL, PIL, CCNI; airlines-AA, BA, CA, CZ, CM, LA, W5, JL,; express companies-DHL, UPS, EMS, this make it possible for us to provide economical and fast logistics solutions for our clients according to their request, which allows our customers to concentrate on other aspects of the supply chain, and this win us the trust and support of customers. Our service has a very distinct characteristics in logistics industries and a regional advantages in central and South America, and has an obvious advantage in the price.

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