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Multi Dimension Freight LLC

Multi Dimension Freight L.L.C (MDF) is a new venture started in 2016 in Dubai with an ambition to cater the dynamic Dubai market & beyond. This is a humble beginning of a long journey. Our ambition is to become a regional provider of w|ld class freight & logistics solutions, with a truly global reach, through strategic alliances with partners across our world. Our ever-expanding agent network covers major logistic hubs across the globe. We are continually working to expand our coverage area, improve service quality at the right price. We are dedicated to providing the utmost personalized service. To ensure seamless movement of our clients' freight, our courteous and knowledgeable staff would be at your disposal at all time. Specialized in handling of projects & also offering transshipment services for project cargo & arranging up to final destination. Our expertise also includes Mobile phone logistics.

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City : Dubai

Business Address : OFFICE 901,THE CITADEL,P.O.BOX 14929,DUBAI,UAE

Zip/Postal Code : P.O.BOX 14929

Contact Person : Maghesh Peethambaran

Job Title : Senior Management

Tel : +971 4 3211817

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