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Muskan Container Line Pvt. Ltd.

Muskan Container Line Pvt. Ltd. has status as NVOCC india’s premier Export/Import enabling Company. It offers value-added services in key areas such as NVOCC/Freight Forwarding, Airfreight Forwarding, Logistics, Warehouse Service, Consultancy & a wide range of support services. We work for customer satisfaction and benefit and to ensure them a hassle free service throughout transition of their shipments.
Price Match Guarantee: The prices mentioned in the official quote are the one which we bill at the time of invoicing, to reduce any hassles and to build a better relationship for a long term business with you. To make it more professional, we send you a quote
with the signature of the sales person and our company stamp to undertake this term.
Own Offices: Our regular port of calls and list of our own offices we have are in New Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Mundra, Colombo, Singapore, Malaysia, Dubai, and still adding… This provides you a comfort in documentations and the documentation transaction is faster, as it should be within intra-employee environment.
Agency Network: We have selected our agents with a profound analysis in the international market, currently our agents serve us in: Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Thailand, Indonesia, China, and more…
Quick Documentations and DG approvals: As we book our shipments on almost every vessel with most of the major vessel operators, we are considered to be kept on priority for DG/HAZ approvals by the vessel operators, as a result, all documentations and VO approvals are faster than other NVOCCs/Liners.

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