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4PX Worldwide Express

4PX International Express Co., Ltd. is an international express platform operator which specializes in providing global networks & channels; as well as building up a common platform for express companies.

4PX aims at developing the middle & high-end international express market, we have successfully and will continuously integrate with worldwide express companies through business cooperation and capital acquisition. By fully utilizing our advanced information system, dynamic management team and employee force, we have strengthened our control over the distribution network. By expanding our operating hub and office presences globally, we have direct control over customs brokerage and international transportation as well .

4PX's mission is to position ourselves as a neutral international express platform, on which we aim at providing the best services to 3PL companies, which in turn provide the enhanced services to their clients. 4PX's sustainable advantages are evolving by four competences: real-time information & its visibility, professional in customers service global-reaching distribution network and accurate billing & invoicing. The role of 4PX is to serve and support our customers, which are 3PL companies solely. Our goal is to further enhance their services or operation that we would not directly deal with their end customers . Therefore, we should have no conflict of interest with our clients.

4PX has demonstrated our expertise in integration of global express companies' resources; it differentiates us from our rivals . The goal of 4PX is to build up a neutral international express platform for our clients, which can also provide them advanced technology and operational excellence at a competitive cost.
The corporate principal of 4PX is centered with “Neutral Common Platform”. This culture has been well embedded in the organization and supported by our independent operational network as well as financial structure. We have established a Neutral Common Platform in an open and unbiased environment.

The headquarters of 4PX locates in Hong Kong with major hubs in China Mainland such as Shenzhen, Guangzhou , Shanghai and Dongguan. 4PX is expanding our regional coverage by setting up secondary hubs and overseas offices in Beijing , Tsingtao, Hangzhou , Nanjing , Dalian , Los Angeles , New York , Vancouver , Seoul , Tokyo , Singapore , Dubai , Paris , London , Frankfurt, Sydney and Johannesburg in the coming years. As of March 2006, 4PX has operated dedicated outbound routes from China to US, Canada, Latin America, Korea, Southeast Asia, India, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Middle East and Europe, and established cooperative relationship with many famous worldwide express companies. Currently, 4PX has coverage in over 220 countries.
Our goal in next two years is to develop new services continuously and diversify our product portfolio. While enhancing service quality and operating system; 4PX will be continuously driving efficiency in operation and cost- control, in order to maintain our competitive advantages and to promote 4PX's branding of being a “Neutral Common Platform”.
“The 4th Party” is the phonogram of “Delivery Everywhere” in Chinese, which means that 4PX is a perfect express platform with operation all over the world. The symbol of 4PX is made up of 2 flying sea swallows which symbolizes that 4PX is unafraid of storms ; we are innovate & compete, and is ready to struggle for the best ,. The bright color of red and orange represents a group of young, who are pursuing their goal to build up a perfect platform with full enthusiasm. In the near future, 4PX will became a well-known brand in the express industry, which fame for offering a global platform for all express companies.

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