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Trade Logistics D.O.O.LTD

We offer our customers tailored logistics solution, each delivered with personalized approach. Recognized and standing as one stop shop logistics provider brought to our customers an ease of doing business on complex global market place. Extending to the south from central Europe into the Mediterranean Sea, the Balkan Peninsula includes the countries of Albania, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Greece, Macedonia, Montenegro, Kosovo, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and the geographical/political region of European Turkey. We have professional local experience and excellent customer service.We are always looking forward to cooperating with you.

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Proudly enrolled since: 2016/6/17
Expired: 2018/6/17

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Country/Region : SLOVENIA

City : Koper

Business Address : Ferrarska 30

Zip/Postal Code : 6000

Contact Person : Mirko Stefanac

Job Title : Senior Management

Tel : 0038656142041

Fax : 0038656142040

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