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Our company was established on 1/9/2005, and is the first level of international freight transportation enterprise which national Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation authorizes (authorized license number MOFTEC13104), simultaneously also is the Chinese civil aviation company, awards air movement level of proxies (authorized license number 30467). This company aims to have internationally specialized and fully experienced staff, and to establish an outstanding sales operation team. At present we are equipped with business footholds in Taiwan, Taichung, Taibei and Shanghai. In line with the "security, the individuality, the high attachment value" quality policy, our objective is to enhance the customer product with international competition strength. Our idea when doing business is to take business to the homes of overseas agencies. At present we have established global shipping proxy networks in Europe, America, Oceania, Africa, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and so on. We listen attentively to the customers every demand, and provide them with a door-to-door service on a global scope.

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China,Euro/Med,Japan,Middle East and Red Sea,Southeast Asia,South Asia,


Proudly enrolled since: 2018/3/20
Expired: 2019/3/19

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Country/Region : CHINA


Business Address : Unit. 308 No.78 Zhe Jiang S. RD

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Contact Person : SAM KING

Job Title : Senior Management

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