Bar Baran Iran Int'l Forwarders & Shipping Agency

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Bar Baran Iran Int'l Forwarders & Shipping Agency

M/S Bar Baran Iran Int'l Freight Forwarders & Shipping Agency was established in the year of 1979. It is among the foremost and most reputable companies in Iran and since its inception has remained engaged in its profession expanding steadily to its present status.
It has built up a fine remarkable reputation as a professionally managed company offering a full spectrum of transportation, freight forwarders and shipping agency.
BBI is member of FIATA and GPLN, WIFFA, WWPC, UFO, PCN, Atlas network and International Freight Forwarders Association of Iran as well as ICC.

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Proudly enrolled since: 2017/5/2
Expired: 2018/5/1

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Country/Region : IRAN


Business Address : FELESTIN AVE NR.146,5TH FLOOR SUIT NR.18

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Contact Person : Farid Saffarzadeh

Job Title : Other

Tel : 98 - 21 - 8896 90 21

Fax : 98 - 21 - 8896 67 69

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Skype : faridsaffarzadeh

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