Gold Kirin Shipping Co., Ltd.

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Gold Kirin Shipping Co., Ltd.

GOLD KIRINSHIPPING CO.,LTD is a first-class freight forwarder authorized by the Ministry of Commerce of China. Our Registered Capital: 5.5 million. Our Scope of Business: international freight forwarder, sea-jet-one, joint sea-and-land transportation, joint sea-and–rail transportation, automobile leasing and renting, terminal equipment leasing and renting, ship medium, cargoes importing and exporting, technology importing and exporting and international trade service.
 We have successfully opened a liner route of container, and have made marine transportation of general bulk freighter, refrigerated vessel to Japanese and Korean shipping lines. We have a friendly intercourse with shipping companies at home and abroad, and have signed competitive working agreements with them. Thus we have satisfactorily accomplished containerization and transportation of bulk-cargo, for instance, general cargo, refrigerated cargo, hazardous article, gaint facilites for our customers. What is more, there are more than 200 agencies and parternes of our company on the main ports of the world, and more than 30 domestic branch offices.

Main Services

West America,East America,Gulf of Mexico,Caribbean Sea,Middle East and Red Sea,Southeast Asia,Oceania,