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JSTH INTERNATIONAL LOGISTICS (CHINA)CO.,LTD(hereinafter referred to as "Jiangsu Tianhao") was incorporated in 9 August 2011, which undertakes services of Sea Transportation, Road Transportation, Air Transportation, Railway Transportation, Bonded Logistics, Supply Chain Logistics, Project Logistics, Customs Clearance, Supporting Storage and Handling, International Courier, Transportation Consulting and Planning of Logistics Solutions . In our industry, we offer a full range of services, implement modern managements, enjoy experienced and reliable professional team and provide caring supportive programs. We have also put into practice a set of customer-focused and well-designed standard operating procedures for the sake of secured, efficient and convenient services. Our mission is “Limited Logistics Needs, Unlimited Service” aiming for the most extensive, high-quality and integrated logistics services to local and international customers.

Jiangsu Tianhao ties its cooperation with reputable and strong major airlines and agents locating in Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Hong Kong and other ports. Meanwhile working hand to hand with Customs and National Inspection Bureau, Jiangsu Tianhao provides fast, convenient and safe service for export by air. For import by air we offer a series of services starting from collection of goods at door overseas to door delivery at destination. We further undertake overseas customs clearance and rapid customs clearance in Hong Kong and China.

*Inland Transportation
*Large-Item Transportation
*Transportation of Goods subject to regulations
*In-city Transportation
*Assembling and Demolition of Container
*Equipment Placement
*Container Leasing

*Local Customs Clearance
*Local Loading and Shipping
*Agency Services of Vehicle and Container
*Areas reaching to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Mongolia, North Korea, Vietnam etc

*Services of One-Stop Shop
*Provision of containers (20 ', 40'), truckloads, LTL, parcels, railway express delivery etc

Taking advantage of stowage services on road in China and passing border crossings we take exported bulky equipments (excluding goods transported by railway) to Russia, Central Asia, Mongolia, Vietnam, North Korea, etc. We also undertake relevant customer declaration and clearance, warehousing,protective tariff procedures, transition and so on.

*Customs Declaration
*Commodity Inspection
*Customs Registration, Filing and Renewal
*Manuals Handling
*Phytosanitary and Fumigation
*Certificate of Origin
*Embassy Verification

Warehousing, leasing and related supportive services, with professional container-demolition team standby

*Logistics Solutions
*Logistics and Distribution in and around Wuxi City, including areas of Jiangyin, Yixing, Suzhou, Changzhou etc

Shipping routes of inland trade connect all major ports and with a full-container shipment. Our ships anchor at ports along the way. Based on a professional team, good vehicle arrangement and excellent transportation programs, we ensure that goods to be delivered within 8-10 days upon departure, which are under our care and control all along the journey.

Cargo Insurance: According to clients’ instruction, we undertake cargo insurance coverage for import or export on behalf of our clients, which covers international transportation on sea, land, air and parcels. We are agents for a number of local and international insurance companies and keep good cooperation with them. And we undertake insurance covering distance from Shanghai to everywhere in the world. Insurance we undertake enjoys a worldwide insurance network and quick and easy settlement of claims. We would love to plan a professional insurance plan for our clients’ import and export and put it into practice.

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