Company Profile


TL NIKA group is a transport and logistics company with branches in Lithuania and across Kazakhstan. We have a long history of accomplishments as a leading provider of logistics services, as proven by our successful business transactions with both partners and clients.

The group of companies consists of Ltd Sturvalas, Ltd TL Nika and Ltd TL Nika Astana. The companies TL Nika and TLNika Astana are based in Kazakhstan and are responsible for orders taken in Central Asia, including the effective distribution of the goods traffic and the provision of optimal logistics solutions. Ltd Sturvalas is responsible for taking orders and enabling safe storage and transport of shipments all over Europe, as well as North and South America.

Combining the needs of our customers with the services we provide, we aim to ensure professional, safe and fast load delivery. We believe that through association with our team you will enjoy a competitive advantage to your business as you continue regular business operations.

Main Services