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Daesung Logistics Co., Ltd.

Daesung Logistics Co., Ltd. Daesung Logistics Co Ltd is a multi-transport & logistics service provider which helps cargo owners to improve overseas competitiveness along with global partnership in major international transportation industry. With competitive freight charges and responsible business phlosophy, we are all ready to become your long-term transportation partner.
We maintain rich and professional experiences in export/import by ship and airplane, domestic and overseas customs formalities, inland transportation, handling of bulk cargo & project cargo and assign dedicated staffs to each cargo owner; also hold experts in individual areas toprovide specialist services.
In addition, we trace the status of cargo readiness and vessel/flight schedule so that youn may keep identiofied of the status & location of your so-valued cargo anytime you want.
We will be always around you as a friendly partner assisting your business with top-notch expertise. Our service for export by air transportation provides a one-stop service to deliver a cargo from the warehouse of an owner to a destination, specially for the goods which requires professional handling. If you prefer a specific airline, we can arrange it. Our specialist service was proven by our project to distribute the manuals of Ford Motor across the world, which was completed successfully.

To support the import by air transportation, we have agent agreements with local forwarders across the world to provide the customers with stable import services. The multiple partners at each location handle the whole process including cargo preparation, shipment and arrival in the way you can find the flow of cargo conveniently. We can support your import by marine transportation from all over the world. In the American continents, in particular, we have agreements with 17 shipping liners to provide you with the professional services differentiated from others. We can pick up cargo from the specified location and deliver it to the destination; and you can also check the status of cargo at the location until it is taken over by an importer. Our capability of export by marine transportation was also proven by our project to distribute the manuals of Ford Motor across the world, which was completed successfully.

In the area of import by marine transportation, Daesung Logistics is an industry-leading company in terms of both volume and cases. In particular, the even foreign customers recognize our capability in China and USA region as we receive consol boxes for 2-3 voyages per week in those regions. We can support you with competitive services which are available at reasonable price and with diverse schedules.In addition to the import and export services, we also handles air/marine customs clearance on behalf of customers. We assist you through the whole process of import and export including delivery in a convenient way. Our superior expertise in the customs clearance is recognized by the many cargo owners, some of them visit us to ask for customs clearance service only.

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