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DFS is 20 years experienced company in logistics and customs clearance in Russia.
We specializes in container shiping through the main transport hubs in Central Russia, the Far East,and Asia.Multimodal shiping include any transportation that involve two or more types of transport.Freight forwarding involves multiple services and various operations.
we take 6000 TEU per year with our 5 offices, Moscow,Vladivostok,Port Vostochniy,Khabarovsk,and Novosibirsk.

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Proudly enrolled since: 2015/10/14
Expired: 2017/10/14

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Country/Region : RUSSIA

City : Vladivostok

Business Address : 1-15 Kazanskaya str

Zip/Postal Code : 690065

Contact Person : Yuriy Lukoshin

Job Title : Senior Management

Tel : 89841980224

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E-Mail : director@dalfes.com

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Skype : directordalfes

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Website : dalfes.com