TPL – Transport & Project Logistics Bvba

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TPL – Transport & Project Logistics Bvba

TPL is freight forwarder offering 3 types of activities :
TPL-Projects is specialist in out of gauge extra large cargo, special transport , factory relocation, and turnkey projects also in cross trade.
TRAIN-CHAIN is representing a chinese rail operator and active in railtransport China to/from Europe for 14 locations with special benefits. contact
READYBOX : (SEI certified) provide corrosion free maritime packing and foldable boxes. to contact for service for your European accounts.
Why choosing TPL in ANTWERP ?
Due to its privileged central location (>100 km inland Europe!), the Port of Antwerp, is the leader in European inland logistics. Vessels calling in Antwerp are offering sailings with shortest transittime from Antwerp to Africa and Middle East, Indian Subcontinent, USA and Former Sovjet Union. (FSU).

Customs: Thanks to E.U. customs legislation , we can import or export cargo in Antwerp, being first port of call for all countries in Europe as fiscal representative.
We truly hope that we can further contribute to your logistic performance and growth in a near future and look forward to hearing from you soon, TPL can you offer you and edge on competition!

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Proudly enrolled since: 2017/11/30
Expired: 2018/11/29

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Country/Region : BELGIUM

City : Antwerp

Business Address : Hovesesteenweg 13B – 2530 BoechoutAntwerp Belgium

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Contact Person : Vermetten Robert J.

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