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Manchester Shipping LLC

Manchester Shipping LLC is a class A Forwarding Agent; we based in U A E local market and we focused on Middle East, Upper Gulf, Far East, Indian sub-continent, Europe, USA and African freight business.

We are one of the major shipping & Freight Forwarding companies in the U.A.E’s competitive market. We have highly professional team having thorough knowledge of shipping, Air / Sea cargo, International Trade, Logistics & Distribution focused on major areas in Middle East, Upper Gulf & Far East, Indian Sub-continent, African, Europe and USA freight business. We have substantial warehousing facility in Jebel Ali, Dubai for storage of huge volume of cargo even for extended periods. For more information, you may please visit

Our company has been established at the beginning of this 2005. Our management, customer service and operation department is located near to Jebel ali Free zone sea port (Dubai UAE) and we have two local sales offices at Sharjah Airport (Saif zone) and Dubai (in city). Our core business is air freight and sea freight. Also we are providing additional services, warehousing, clearance, Transportation, distribution of goods by express service, special services like DG handling.

We worked on this area for more than 11 Years. For the professional service, we signed contract rate with MAERSK, CSAV, CMA, HAPPG LLOYD, ZIM, PIL, CHINA SHIPPING, MSC, EVER GREEN, YANG MING, K-LINE, etc. We can handle all of African, European and us sectors ports (included TAIWAN and, Singapore).
We provide shipping services which help you save on shipping costs and reduce shipping risk.
We get direct rates from the shipping companies, which is much better than your supplier gave.

We consolidate samples or small orders from your different suppliers, and send it to you in one shipment, which can help you to save money and time.

We also provide a Pre-shipment Inspection (PSI) or Final Random Inspection, as well as a Loading Supervision (LS)

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City : Dubai

Business Address : PO Box: 16821 Street No. S401 Plot No: S30603 South 3 Jebel Ali Free Zone

Zip/Postal Code : 16821

Contact Person : Mohammed Shaji;Sakeer Hussain

Job Title : Senior Management

Tel : 971 4 814 9000

Fax : 971 4 8807710

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