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Accel Trans Ltd

Transport and logistics company "Accel Trans Ltd." offers you a complex of services in organization of air, road, rail and sea transportations.
Additional services:
-handling agency in Uzbekistan
-accepting of empty containers for re-selling in Kazakhstan, Kyrgizstan, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Russia
-round the clock on-line tracing of containers and wagons through CIS territories

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Proudly enrolled since: 2017/11/23
Expired: 2018/11/22

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Country/Region : UZBEKISTAN

City : Tashkent

Business Address : Amir Temur str., 129A, room 2

Zip/Postal Code : 100099

Contact Person : Ekaterina

Job Title : Senior Management

Tel : (+99893)5650016

Fax : (+998 71) 212 01 88

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Skype : acceltrans.yulia

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