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Ningbo Jiuding International Forwarding Agent Co.,Ltd

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Ningbo Jiuding International Forwarding Agent Co., Ltd. (NBJD) was founded in 2005. It has been authorized by National Ministry of Commerce, Administrative Bureau For Industry And Commerce, China Exit and Entry Inspection and Quarantine Bureau and China Customs. It was well known for its long term cooperation and perfect relationship with Ningbo Port Group.
NBJD are highly proficient in clearance, planning and operating complete logistics project for imports & exports; NBJD are full of experience of goods shipment for our agencies abroad. The working team of more than ten top qualified experts and business operators are not only full of experience of more than 15 years in logistic field but also creative and excellent in providing most reasonable planning and most effective strategic solutions. No matter you are new or old in imports & exports business, the cooperation with us will benefit you a lot. Contacting with us, you will have a powerful logistics operation department with the least costs. Your business will share the same prospects as ours with smoothness and effectiveness.
NBJD’s advantages are not only obvious in traditional logistics, but also in special logistics which always confused customers. Returning the cargos for clients (from abroad to domestic, from domestic to abroad), managing the derelictions for carrier (auction, destroyed commodities,returned goods, returned used or old equipments and waste material).
?Our business mission is “Rooted in Ningbo, connecting the world, laying stress on reputation, emphasizing authority and specialty, focusing on higher proficiency and quality.”

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