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Seven little-known facts about containers!

Seven little-known facts about containers!


1. Only about half of the containers are owned by the shipping company. The rest of the containers are operated in the form of lease, which lasts from 1 year to 10 years.
2. If the IOS can be used to load food, it can no longer load other types of goods, and so is the IOS tank loaded with chemical works, so as to avoid the pollution of the goods.
3. For the IOS tank loaded with chemical works, the next available chemical product type will depend on the type of chemical products transported in the first three times.
4. Maersk line has 270,000 refrigerated containers, and is the only shipping company with GPS on refrigerated containers.
5. Refrigerated containers (cold containers) do not produce cold air, usually only the temperature of the goods can be maintained, and the goods cannot be restored to the original temperature.
6. About 97% of the world's containers are made in China.
7. The container is properly maintained, and the service life is about 30 years. The service life of the 40-foot container is often higher than that of the 20-foot container, because the 20-foot container is often overloaded.

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