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Interview with Rodrigo Villanueva Jr., Managing Director of EX-WORKS CARGO SERVICES INC.

Source:Jctrans     2019-01-28

Rodrigo Villanueva Jr. Managing Director

JCtrans: Would you please make a brief introduction of your company? Rodrigo Villanueva Jr.: Ex-works Cargo Services Inc., been in the industry since 2007, is a privately owned progressive Philippine-U.K company built on integrity and taking pride in what we do. We offer a professional and personal service that is fully dedicated to the individual needs of our clients. Ex-works business and skill set is quite diverse, Global Air and Sea Freight forwarding, Project and Event Cargo Management, Transportation engineering, Break-bulk Cargo, Warehousing, Hauling, Customs clearance, DG Handling, Heavy-lift, Packing and Crating, Consultancy and others. 

JCtrans: Would you please talk about your core-competitiveness? Rodrigo Villanueva Jr.: Highly experienced in all aspects of local and international transportation, coupled with valuable knowledge of international customs procedures, warehousing, projects and we provide a system to move your cargo by air or sea from any place in the world to any other, no matter how remote. By choosing Ex-works you will have selected one of Philippine’s foremost independent international freight forwarding and logistic organizations to handle your total logistics requirements, and our experience shows in the way we conduct our day to day business. 

JCtrans: What do you think is the most important thing to run a logistics company? 

Rodrigo Villanueva Jr.: To work with clients and suppliers to arrive at a customized service solution that maximizes both competitiveness and delivery. Whether requirement is parcel or entire management of a complex freight project, we assure to provide a quality service with local expertise and truly international knowledge. 

JCtrans: Would you please talk about the situation of logistic industry in your country? 

Rodrigo Villanueva Jr.: Philippines logistics market has evolved in recent years with increased trade activities in the country thereby, connecting different export and import markets of various countries across the world. And the industry is expected to be driven by the huge demand for logistics services by the industrial sectors like automotive industry, electronic products, apparel and accessories, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. The Philippines predominantly relies on waterways for transportation of cargo freight. However, the improvement of road transport infrastructure is critical for strengthening the logistics service sector of the country and has seen modest improvement in the overall freight transport service, but a large part of the road network remains in poor condition and intermodal integration is low and major cause of the overall low quality of the road network, is poor and inadequate maintenance which is a result of insufficient financial resources being made available for maintenance, and inadequate institutional capacity of agencies responsible for road maintenance. The lack of technology and innovation processes in domestic firms is the key reason behind the dominance and growth of the global players. The logistics companies are expected to invest on advanced technologies solutions such as autonomous logistics, real-time tracking, automation and robotics in order to provide an improved customer service. 

JCtrans: Would you please talk about your strategy to explore foreign market? 

Rodrigo Villanueva Jr.: We cooperate with foreign agents, we exchange sales leads, we join several international suppliers’ events, and we work on exchange business with our agents and not as just agent in majority. 

JCtrans: What is the reason that makes you become a GCP member to develop your business? 

Rodrigo Villanueva Jr.: By entering the global marketplace like JC Trans, we can compete more against foreign and giant companies-and even take the battle to them on their own ground. The overriding reason by joining, of course, it to improve your potential for expansion and growth. And there are too many international opportunities for us to catalog them all here-or even in a much longer. 

?JCtrans: How do you maintain a long-term cooperation relationship with your clients? 

Rodrigo Villanueva Jr.: We practice timely, efficient communication is our priority. We acknowledge our client as an Individual. We focus on exceptional communication. We maintain a positive attitude. We exceed expectations. We educate our clients. We are open.

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