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Interview with Mohamed Magdi, Business Development Manager of Cargo Plan Global Logistics

Source:Jctrans     2019-03-04

Mohamed Magdi Business Development Manager

JCtrans: Would you please make a brief introduction of your company? 

Mohamed Magdi: 

a)Cargo Plan global logistics is a privately owned company founded in Egypt in 1995. 

b)We are providing with a complete package of top-level logistic services including international forwarding bysea and Air. 

JCtrans: Would you please talk about your core-competitiveness? 

Mohamed Magdi: Airfreight consolidation service & DAP/DDP services in Egypt. 

JCtrans: What do you think is the most important thing to run a logistics company? 

Mohamed Magdi: Maintain a consistent level of service quality provided to ensure maximum customer satisfaction. 

JCtrans: Would you please talk about the situation of logistic industry in your country? 

Mohamed Magdi: The market is promising and full of competitiveness and always seeks to develop the logistics services available 

JCtrans: What is the reason that makes you become a GCP member to develop your business? 

Mohamed Magdi: To extend our cooperation with reliable agents worldwide. 

JCtrans: How do you maintain a long-term cooperation relationship with your clients? 

Mohamed Magdi: Continuous development of logistics solutions and services & Training our staff to adapt changing market circumstances.

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