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Interview with Wuthichai Sachdev, Managing Director of ATLAS LINE CO.,LTD.

Source:Jctrans     2019-01-15

Wuthichai Sachdev Managing Director
JCtrans: Would you please make a brief introduction of your company? Wuthichai Sachdev: Atlas line is a freight forwarding company located in Bangkok Thailand. We are a young and vibrant company offering all in house service from Custom brokerage / Warehousing / Licensing / Sea freight / Airfreight. Personally our Director Mr.Wuthichai has been in the logistic industries for 12 years and is well rounded expertise in forwarding field. JCtrans: Would you please talk about your core-competitiveness? Wuthichai Sachdev: Atlas line is well known for the reliability and response timing. We make sure that all our customer is being taken care of in a fast and effective way. Our team is always on standby Monday – Sunday in case of any urgency needed so rest assure that your cargo are in good hands. JCtrans: What do you think is the most important thing to run a logistics company? Wuthichai Sachdev: I believe that the most important thing to run logistic company or any type of company is to be honest to customers. Our company always give an honest and frank quotation / answers to all situation. Unlike several other companies which try to persuade client to use the services with false information, We only strive to be the best by being Honest and that is what all our customer love about us. JCtrans: Would you please talk about the situation of logistic industry in your country? Wuthichai Sachdev: Right now our market is very competitive as there are new forwarding agents coming up every day and trying to offer customer with unreal pricing and destroy the market. Since we only strive to be the best, we don’t compete with such and we only focus on maintaining our standard with all our customer and overseas partner and by word of mouth and recommendation we are able to secure new clients on regular basis. JCtrans: Would you please talk about your strategy to explore foreign market? Wuthichai Sachdev: There are several ways we try to tap in to International markets, firstly in order to do so we have to make sure our company base is strong enough to be able to accept new foreign business. So far we have accomplished that by having strong team with good English skills and well knowledge on different types of shipments. JCtrans: What is the reason that makes you become a GCP member to develop your business? Wuthichai Sachdev: Personally I attended 2 conference before deciding to become GCP member, I believe that by becoming GCP member will also open more doors to new opportunities which can help the growth of our company in a long term. JCtrans: How do you maintain a long-term cooperation relationship with your clients? Wuthichai Sachdev: As mentioned before, we always make sure our standard is kept and all customer have highest service level no matter it is big or small clients, we make sure that everyone who use our service is being treated well and have good experience with our company. And our main Goal is to make customer / overseas partner to be happy and use our service again.
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