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Sea Shipping,Air Shipping,Integrated Logistics,Oth

Business Category
Subject Sea Shipping,Air Shipping,Integrated Logistics,Oth
Headquarter in CHINA - Nanjing
Operation Lines
Employees 10-50 people
Established in 2006
We can be your agent in CHINA - RUSSIA
We are specialized in JIANG SU EURASIAN LANDBRIDGE SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT LIMITED Providing a full range of transportation and freight forwarding services: arranging any kind of cargo transportation by motor, rail and sea transport; airfreight; multimodal transportation. from China to Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Mongolia.
Remark Delivery of any cargo at any distance using all kinds of rolling stock (containers; goods wagons; gondolas; platforms etc.); Transportation of standard and non-standard (oversize) in size and weight cargo, rendering freight forwarding services, work arrangement and bringing up wagons both to the thoroughfare and the dead-end siding of the customer; We are ready to cooperate with companies working in different fields. Contact us and we shall do everything to accomplish your logistic task!
Post Date 2017/8/18


Address: Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Gulou District Zhongshan North Road 281, Hongqiao centre, building 2, Block B, 1202B  
City: Nanjing  
Country: CHINA  
Zip Code:  
Tel: 86-025-83322895  
E-mail: 2881776826@qq.com
Contact person: Bobukeeva Nurzada  
MSN: msn
Skype: Call me!
Yahoo Messenger:  
Company Showroom: http://www.jctrans.net/ShopHome/index_102236.html
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