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FUJI NXT H04 H08 Filter XH00400 XH00401

Unit Price USD 1.00/ pcs
Minimum Order Quantity 1
Total Supplied Quantity 1000
Valid Days 365 Day
Location CHINA - shenzhen
Post Date 2018/5/18
Consignment Time 3
Requirements Fuji filter:
FUJI NXT H01 Filter XH00100
FUJI NXT H04 Filter XH00400
FUJI NXT H08 Filter XH00120
FUJI NXT H12 Filter XH00800
FUJI CP4 Filter MPH5050
FUJI CP6(new) Filter WPH2030
FUJI CP6(old) Filter WPH0930
FUJI CP7 Filter DCPH0630
FUJI CP7 Filter DCPH3780
FUJI QP3 Filter H3022W
FUJI IP3 Filter H3018X
We offer various kinds of filters,If you are interested,please contact us.

Post Date 2018/5/18