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GCP members

JCtrans offers a guarantee that each enrolled GCP member is covered for claims of up to US$100,000 per year for money lost due to non-payment.

Acconnage Consignation Transit SA (ACT SA)

Mauritania Nouakchott

Offering Full and complete range of Maritime and Logitics services, within Mauritania. ACT SA, was established in 2004 is the leading provider of global logistics in Mauritania

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Benteyga Shipping Mauritania

Mauritania NKT

BSMG is a group of several Mauritanian companies, in Mauritanian capitals, assets and values, with a huge Fleet of trucks, cranes and heavy equipment BSMG is managed by trained people with thirty years of experience, and all with English language skills BSMG is a provider of commercial trading services w...

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Mauritania (Nouakchott)

TRANSAC :Company of Transit, Armament and Consignment The Activities of Transac are: - Air, Sea and Ground Transit for Major Clients, Operations and Services in Customs . - Consignment of European and Other fishing Fleets. - Consignment of Merchant Ships. - Shipping. - Handling & Transport of “TWISTLOCK” Containers. - Chartering , Fishing Permits , Open Permits for shrimps, hake, lobster, ...

Mauritania United Shipping Ltd

Mauritania Nouakchott

MAURITANIA UNITED SHIPPING SARL Freight forwarding and logistics services in Mauritania Shipping and logistics services in Mauritania and West Africa Mauritania United Shipping Ltd a company specialized in Freight forwarding and logistics services in Mauritania and West Africa We provide the next services: Logistics services in Mauritania Project Logistics Management in Mauritania Stevedoring Operations in Mauri...

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