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What Documents Do You Need in Container Transportation?

International shipments of goods, especially in the maritime sector, are mainly based on container transport.But do you know what documents will you need in container transportation?


International shipments of goods, especially in the maritime sector, are mainly based on container transport. In addition to the "equipment receipt", "dock receipt", "transfer record" these three major orders, container transport usually also includes the following 10 documents.


Booking is the shipping company or the carrier accepting the shipper's booking, according to the consignor's oral or written request, record the condition of the consignment, to arrange the container cargo transportation and make out the documents and booking the main contents are: the name, number, packing style, tags, weight, measurements, the port of destination, the settlement of exchange period, transfer deadline, whether partial shipments and transhipment, etc.

The booking list

The booking list is a list of the handover, loading and unloading places of different goods drawn by the shipping company or its agent company according to the contents of the booking list.

The packing list

A packing list is the only document that details the name, quantity and stowage of the goods in each container.

The container packing list is a very important document in the process of container transportation.

It is the basis for the declaration and delivery of goods, and the weight of goods and containers recorded in the documents is the basic data for calculating the ship's draft difference and stability.

It is also one of the original bases for handling accident claims when goods are damaged or poor.

The Remark list

When the container terminal yard or container freight station receives the goods, if discovers the goods has the discrepancy, should record this discrepancy content, the degree in the yard station receipt the remark column, then works out according to these contents into a document, this document is called the annotation list.

The shipping order

A bill of lading is a document signed and sealed by the carrier or his agent.It is a document notifying the ship to accept the shipment of the goods.


The loading list

The loading list is the cargo consigned by the carrier or his agent under this voyage.

In order of arrival, goods of similar nature are grouped together and made into a consolidated list of shipping documents.

Bill of loading

A bill of lading is a negotiable security issued by a container operator or its agent to a shipper or shipper after the receipt or taking over of the goods, proving that the goods have been received or loaded on board, and are to be shipped by sea, and delivered to the holder of the proper Bill of lading at a designated port.

It is also a kind of transport contract between the transport company and the shipper, which embodies the right of the direction of the goods recorded in the contract. It is usually circulated by means of endorsement. It is the main subsidiary document of the bill of lading, which is divided into the bill of lading and the bill of lading.

Empty box receipt

An empty container receipt is a document filled out by the owner when using the container of the shipping company, and the shipping company shall deliver the empty container to the holder according to the instructions given by the container custodian.

L/G(letter of guarantee)

In the course of container transport, the carrier's responsibility is calculated from the time of receipt of the goods, so that damage to the goods and containers that occurred before the receipt of the goods is recorded in detail on the depot receipt, which is then transferred to the bill of lading, which in fact constitutes an unclean bill of lading.


Consignment note

A container consignment note is a written certificate issued by the shipper (consignor or freight agent) to the carrier or his agent for the carriage of goods in accordance with the terms of the contract and the letter of credit.

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