The 10th Global Freight Forwarders Conference in Kuala Lumpur ended on April 26th

2019-04-26 Source: Jctrans

The 10th Global Freight Forwarders Conference in Kuala Lumpur, ended on April 26th, accomplished a series of business activities including peak forum, business card lunch, one-to-one meeting, welcome dinner, awards and so on.

 The 10th Global Freight Forwarders Conference in Kuala Lumpur, ended on April 26th, accomplished a series of business activities including peak forum, business card lunch, one-to-one meeting, welcome dinner, awards and so on. The three-day conference assembled more than 1,300 renowned corporate executives from at least 100 countries of five continents, as well as attracted viewers from all around the world via live broadcast.   

  Mr. Song Xuexin, CEO of JCtrans Logistics Network, sincerely greeted the guests from all over the world. “Under the boost of new technologies and business models, logistics is booming and fast becoming a prosperous industry. All these positive trends are inseparable from frank communications and collision of ideas.” Mr. Song said. “We should grab opportunities from resource pooling to enhance the features of our enterprises, promote progress of the entire logistics industry while maintain our independence, as well as share the bonus brought about by innovations of science and technology in the new era.”

  Wang Derong, Chief Executive of JCtrans Logistics Network, Former Vice President of China Communications and Transportation Association, wished the conference a complete success and every attendee a fruitful journey. “Logistics has become the backbone of the world’s economic growth. Effective communication, high-quality resource pooling and complementary advantages are the top three factors to develop the logistics industry.” President Wang said. “I appreciate the contribution of JCtrans Logistics Network to the logistics industry in the past decades.”

   Mr. KAMARUDIN JAFFAR, Deputy Minister of Communications of Malaysia, warmly welcomed the 10th Global Freight Forwarders Conference as the host in Kuala Lumpur, then carried out a prospective and authoritative analysis of the hottest topics in logistics, which received an overwhelming response.

Lin Cuirong, general manager of Qingdao RongShengDa international logistics co., ltd. introduced the Qingdao logistics industry.

The CEO of TOP UNIVERSE INC, Mr. Arthur Moroz, gave a wonderful speech about the current development of trade, freight forwarding, logistics and transportation.

Mr. Gu Haibo, Deputy General Manager of JCtrans Logistics Network, introduced the history and major services of JCtrans.

Ms. Li Lan, General Manager of Innovation Business Department of Huatai Property Insurance Co., Ltd., analyzed the global trade development trends, risks from the international trade and international freight forwarding in China as well as come up with their corresponding solutions.

Khor Sheng Han, Sales Manager of Worldwise Freight (M) Sdn Bhd , presented details about the import & export market and international trade of Malaysia

Director of Indonesia office Mr. Sentosa Cen lectured about the logistics in south east Asia.

The 15376 rounds of 30-minute “one-to-one meeting”, which has turned out to be the most popular and lively feature since the first conference, significantly widen the communication channels. 

A functional pre-conference online system scheduled most meetings.Besides, non-reserved seats were also provided for the clients who failed to preschedule. Moreover, the new launched “One-to-One Absence Management" was applauded by the attendees as a helpful reminder. 

“One-to-one meeting”has become the logistics B-to-B express due to its World-Class Viewpoint, Outstanding Advantages, Perfect Match and Down-to-Earth Results. According to the summary statistics, 98% of the participants got their contracts.

Since it started in 2008, The Global Freight Forwarders Conference experienced a bunch of ups and downs in global logistics market. The conference has grown into one of the most influential logistics conferences  in the world as well as a unique summit that covers high-ups of logistics and related industries. Furthermore, as a results of its authority, the conference is drawing together more and more participants even as the global logistics market has remained weak for years.

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