The Reciprocal Reception of 11th Global Logistics Conference in 2019 ----- “SJM Bright night”

2019-09-27 Source: Jctrans

Beautiful weather with nice autumn wind and dew. Night has come, lights shines on shores of Pearl River, the bright moon is rising.

At 19:00 September 26, 2019, Cruise starts slowly with the wonderful music. “The Bright Night”event is officially launched. It is held by JCtrans and exclusively sponsored by SJM International Space Online Booking Platform, this is not only a meeting but also a beautiful cruise journey.


SJM International Space Online Booking Platform gives a passionate speech which starts tonight’s party. 2000 guests from all over the world enjoy the nice wine and dishes in the atmosphere of happiness and friendship. Old and new friends communicates happily and plan the future together. 

During the Cocktail reception, JCtrans as the organizer also prepared birthday surprises during the summit. When the music comes up, the staff presented birthday cakes to the seven. All the guests sang birthday songs together.


Lyrical violin solo, clown humor funny show, and flair bartending wonderful performance, push the Cruise party to a new climax! JCtrans Logistics network would like to provide with you a relaxed and memorable night during efficient and practical summit, enjoy good food and wine!


At this moment, there is no difference in regional culture; global forwarders gather together, toast all around, a step closer to the distance between each other, so that the friendship between each other more profound, the cruise party in a song and laughter successfully ended!

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