The 2nd Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference Concluded

2020-10-26 Source: Jctrans

From October 19 to October 23, 2020, 5 days, 120 hours, the 2nd Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference concluded successfully on 23rd,Oct..


From October 19 to October 23, 2020, 5 days, 120 hours, the 2nd Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference concluded successfully on 23rd,Oct.. The global logistics compatriots once again gathered together under the call of the Cloud Conference to witness this well-known logistics event at home and abroad. With the perfect host of the first cloud summit  in May this year, the 2nd cloud summit focused on "new business formats, new patterns, and new opportunities", attracting 100 from many countries and regions around the world, and bringing together 1000 companies to discuss the crisis in the cloud.

This Cloud Summit received strong support from China Association of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Enterprises, China Transportation Association, China International Freight Forwarders Association, and Tianjin International Freight Forwarders Association. Many industry experts brought wonderful sharing. The 5-day conference, global simultaneous live broadcast, 10000 people watched online, and the Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference is currently one of the industry conferences with the highest specifications and the greatest influence in the domestic logistics industry.



Take advantage of the situation, seek the market and make changes

This carnival of global logistics people was officially staged on October 19. At the opening ceremony, Cai Jiaxiang, Vice President of China Association of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Enterprises, Li Gang, Vice President and Secretary-General of China Transportation Association, and Vice President of China International Freight Forwarders Association Chairman and Secretary-General Li Zhimin, Professor Meng Yuqun, a well-known expert on maritime law in China, and Li Wencai, general manager of the organizer JCtrans Logistics Network, delivered speeches respectively, and carried out in-depth discussions and explanations on the development trend of trade logistics in the second half of the fight against the epidemic. 2020 is coming to an end, and the world is experiencing extraordinary things. As the new crown epidemic spreads around the world, the subsequent financial market turmoil, social security turmoil and other unstable factors have further aggravated the uncertainty of the world economic situation and the growth of negative emotions. Logistics companies must break through the siege, use the momentum, and innovate to seek change. This Cloud Conference provides important strategic inspiration for the development of the logistics industry and traditional enterprises.

On the opening ceremony, the Fifth High Quality Development (Tianjin) Forum, a Cooperation Forum of the 2nd Global Freight Forwarders Cloud Conference, was held at 14:00 in the afternoon. This forum is co-sponsored by JCtrans Logistics Network and Tianjin International Freight Association. The forum focuses on the theme of "International Freight Forwarding and Logistics Industry under Great Changes" to discuss ways to respond to difficulties.


The crisis and opportunities of the logistics industry under the epidemic, which side will you be on?

Opportunities always favor those who are prepared. For logistics companies with different backgrounds and industry segments, the ‘crisis’ and ‘opportunities’ presented by this epidemic are different. In the face of sudden logistics demand, the ability to solve problems from forecasting, production and providing logistics full-chain services is a difficult test for any logistics company. Some companies have survived and turned crises into opportunities, and some companies have fallen and exited with regret. At the moment of crisis, it is also an excellent time for cultivation and improvement! What results you want depends on your previous reserves and accumulation. In the "Peak Dialogue" session on October 21, Cai Jiaxiang, Vice President of China Association of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Enterprises, Yu Shiping, President of Tianjin International Freight Forwarders Association, and Wu Jingyu, Deputy Secretary General of Asia-Europe Land Bridge Logistics Branch of China Communications and Transportation Association The four guests, Li Wencai, general manager of JCtrans Logistics Network, focused on the theme of "Global logistics under the epidemic, new opportunities are brewing in the crisis", combined with the problems highlighted in the industry during the crisis, and gave authoritative, professional and targeted solutions The plan points out the way forward for logistics companies in the shock!


Fast! Quasi! Ruthless! Grasp the main points and break them one by one-an irresistible specialized symposium

A glimpse of the first cloud conference in May this year, the specialized symposium has quickly jumped to one of the most favorite conference sessions of participating companies. This specialized symposium covers several hot areas such as Central and South America, Pan Pacific, Near Ocean, Africa, etc., and a total of small alliance special hot topics such as project cargo/dangerous goods/e-commerce/railroad/LCL will be launched. Quick feedback on core issues. During the special matchmaking meeting, a total of 6 companies participated in the discussion, locking in areas, focusing on difficulties, rapid communication, and reaching plans. The special matchmaking meeting not only built a real-time interactive exchange platform for logistics companies in various countries, and achieved cross-country and regional The seamless connection of online conferences provides a successful example of innovative exploration for the development of online special conferences.


Smart Cloud Exhibition: Comprehensive upgrade, show the beauty

At this cloud exhibition, the organizer provided a comprehensively upgraded and more intelligent online exhibition service. Exhibitors set up themed exhibition halls through the official website of the Cloud Conference, which integrates video, interactive, virtual, audio, and pictures into a 360° no dead-angle display, giving participants a more perfect upgrade experience. Here, without being restricted by time, space, or region, you can start a journey of "walking in the cloud" by simply operating the computer. As another innovative attempt at the Cloud Conference for Global Logistics Enterprises, the Smart Cloud Expo is a major initiative taken by the organizers to actively innovate under the epidemic, and it has further promoted the digital transformation and upgrading of the traditional offline exhibition industry.



Forever protagonist-one-on-one meeting

The one-to-one meeting link always uses data to speak, and the data of each session is growing, which is its irreplaceable charm. According to the organizer’s statistics, as of 24:00 on October 23, this cloud summit held a total of 7800 sessions of fixed negotiations, 3000 sessions of temporary negotiations, a total of 20000 participants. Efficient, compact and orderly, quickly help the paired parties establish a business network in the shortest time and find potential cooperation opportunities in the form of quick talk. This efficient and interesting way of communication helps logistics companies quickly complete demand matching and business matching, and build a good communication platform, so that logistics companies that are unfamiliar with each other can directly establish a network of relationships and lay the foundation for further cooperation. The statistics of this session of the negotiation session also reflect the strong rebound in international business demand to a certain extent. It is believed that as the economic recovery of various countries gradually enters the right track, the international logistics industry will also regain prosperity.



New formats, new patterns, new opportunities, and new challenges are all constantly changing. Only by seeking new and changing and advancing with the times can we take the lead and stand out. In the post-epidemic period, JCtrans Logistics Network, as the first batch of international business leaders to try cloud summits in the logistics field, has provided the industry with the best model and benchmark. JCtrans Logistics Network dedicated to two cloud conferences a year, sharing Internet dividends with millions of logistics companies around the world, voicing, empowering, and linking logistics companies to jointly expand the international logistics market. "Become a global logistics transaction and settlement service platform", "be a profit assistant for global small and medium-sized logistics enterprises", "help millions of global logistics companies make profits", the corporate vision, mission and goals of JCtrans Logistics Network are only a few dozen short A word, but we have spent 17 years working hard and practicing. On the road of driving the development and progress of the logistics industry with innovation, JCtrans will continue to join hands with millions of logistics companies around the world!

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