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  • How to Calculate Shipping Freights? 2021-01-15

    In the negotiation, when the export requirements are clear, the important condition for the success of the transaction is whether the quotation is reasonable.In the quotation of various indicators, in addition to the cost, expenses and profit, there is a very important factor is fr...

  • Why International Multimodal Transport is More and More ... 2021-01-06

    The transport process jointly completed by two or more means of transport connecting and transferring is collectively called composite transport, which is conventionally called intermodality.Becuase of its advantages,it is more and more popular in international logistics​.

  • How to lower international freight cost? 2020-11-09

    Recently,many freight forwarder are facing a big problem which is the high international freight cost,and how to lower the fright cost if you can not change the shipping rates?Here is 7 ways for you.

  • Why are freight forwarders facing severe rates challeng ... 2020-11-05

    Shippers/cargo owner around the world face significant supply chain challenges due to port congestion and severe container shortages.Besides,freight forwarders from all over the world are facing high freight, as well as shipping company's various surcharges.

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