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2020-06-29 Source: Jctrans

Some Bits and Pieces You May Have Missed

POLAND – Turkish headquartered Ekol Logistics and Regatta have recently signed a new six year contract for distribution in the country after working together for two years. The expansion means Ekol dedicating a further 23,000m2 to the UK based fashion brand, for which it will offer a full suite of services including e-commerce. Ekol entered the Polish market 5 years ago, offering comprehensive logistics as well as intermodal and road transport services.

NETHERLANDS – DAF Trucks has introduced an improved autonomous emergency braking system as standard across its range of LF, CF and XF models. The 16 radar AEBS-3 technology is linked to the truck’s Cruise Control and Forward Collision Warning system to provide autonomous braking assistance.

The system uses a 120? near range angle of view to detect stationary and moving vehicles up to 250 metres distant before prompting the driver audibly, visibly and with a haptic brake pulse which the driver senses. If ignored the system brakes automatically to avoid the possibility of a collision.

NETHERLANDS – Bunker Events is running a Bunker Experience course in Vlaardingen 28 September – 1 October, a combination of theory and real-life bunkering experience. The course focuses on barge operations and sampling; testing lab procedures and bunker quality; on board fuel handling and ship type familiarisation.

The morning classroom sessions are geared towards preparing students to make the most of the afternoon 'real life' experience of working on a bunker barge, working in a testing laboratory and 'going to sea' for close-up views of different types of ships. Details HERE.

SLOVAKIA – Transport and logistics firm cargo-partner has added over 3,600 pallet slots to its warehouse in Dunajska Streda, Slovakia, bringing the total up to 26,700 pallet slots in an area of 18,300 m2. The expansion aims to streamline warehouse operations, increase efficiency and create more room for a customer from the automotive industry.

Warehouse design is of very narrow aisle (VNA) construction and the two specialist forklifts employed are used in the storage zone and service area for fine picking, kitting and packing of over one million parts per year for two main clients of the very service-sensitive sector. The depot has a direct connection to the METRANS container terminal allowing for easy railway access to major European seaports and to China via the New Silk Road.

UK – The Road Haulage Association (RHA) is reopening its training classrooms with social distancing measures in place on Monday 6 July. The Association has been given the go-ahead to offer classroom-based training after the recent change in government coronavirus guidance. Special measures are in place at RHA training sites to keep delegates safe, where staff will enforce strict and clear social distancing, issue sanitiser and offer face masks on request.

UK – WORLDWIDE – Lloyd's Register (LR) in partnership with the UK Chamber of Shipping, the Mission to Seafarers, Safety at Sea and with the support of other leading maritime organisations, will run an industry-wide survey to evaluate the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on employee wellbeing and operational practice. The online survey, which was launched on the Day of the Seafarer and will run until late August, will gather insights on how the industry has coped with the challenges presented by the pandemic.

It will seek to draw insights on how organisational culture and practices many have affected health and mental wellbeing and the lessons that the industry can learn from the current crisis. It is anticipated that this comprehensive body of work will also point to trends that could reshape the crewing landscape around disease management, healthcare and remote working, and that its findings will serve to enhance future practices. The results of the survey will be shared by Safety at Sea and the other partners later in the year. To take the survey click HERE.

UK – WORLDWIDE – The Oil Companies International Marine Forum (OCIMF) is pleased to announce the publication of the second edition of the Guidelines for the control of Drug and Alcohol Onboard Ship. OCIMF and the maritime industry in general recognise the potentially serious impact and risks associated with the use and abuse of alcohol, drugs or other impairing substances by maritime personnel.

Research has shown that a properly designed random workplace drug and alcohol testing programme can mitigate the risk of inappropriate drug and alcohol use and reduce workplace incidents and accidents. This guideline applies to operators of marine vessels and terminal operators associated with ship and shore operations. It does not address drug and alcohol testing associated with substance abuse treatment, return to work and aftercare testing.

UK – The Port of Tyne Welfare Fund, which gives shipping lines the option to pay a voluntary levy each time one of their vessels comes into the port, has raised almost £18,000 for the benefit of seafarers. The optional levy is based on the vessels Gross Tonnage, and is payable on its first ten visits to the Port each calendar year. The Port of Tyne then matches the levy, contributing 50p for every £1 collected. Since introducing the levy in 2016, the Port of Tyne has raised £55,000 for the benefit of 120,000 visiting seafarers.

The money raised will be distributed between The Mission to Seafarers South Shields, Apostleship of the Sea, and The Fishermen’s Mission, and will support seafarers for the benefit of their mental and physical wellbeing, as well as providing emergency grants in cases of need, and facilities for the benefit of commercial fishermen. The Tyne Port Welfare Committee will remain in operation during the current coronavirus pandemic.

UK – The report last week that Joao Vale de Almeida, the EU's ambassador to the UK, has ruled out a reciprocal six-month phased transition for customs controls and checks on goods from the UK from 2021, stirred up the British International Freight Association (BIFA), with director general Robert Keen reiterating the hope that a trade deal between the UK and the EU can be achieved before the end of the transition period.

Keen pointed out that even if a trade deal is agreed, BIFA members will have to manage a huge increase in paperwork and administration leading to potential for disruption and delays at the border. He questioned again whether there is enough time for the companies that manage cross-border trade between the UK and EU to make the necessary preparations to facilitate the revised arrangements, even with the UK's decision to implement a phased transition for the new border processes on imports from the EU, and the promise of an additional £50 million investment in Customs IT infrastructure and training.


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