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Commodity Type Pol Pod PostDate
Bicycle spare parts FCL LaemChabangTHAILAND HoChiMinhVIETNAM 2017/02/22
Bicycle spare parts FCL BangkokTHAILAND HoChiMinhVIETNAM 2017/02/22
Customs formality/ Plastic boxes exported to Dakar FCL HoChiMinhVIETNAM DakarSENEGAL 2016/09/08
Foodstuff HCM/ Acajutla_ El Salvador FCL HCMHoChiMinhVIETNAM AcajutlaEL SALVADOR 2016/09/06
Foodstuff HPH/ Acajutla FCL HPHHaiPhongVIETNAM AcajutlaEL SALVADOR 2016/09/06
Foodstuff FCL HPHHaiPhongVIETNAM BarcaderaARUBA 2016/08/31
Plants with soil/ plant FCL HoChiMinhVIETNAM PhnomPenhCAMBODIA 2016/08/16
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