Black List Company
JCtrans provides global logistics enterprises with a platform to find trustworthy partners with great reputation.
As a global freight forwarding network, JCtrans has been applying stringent restrictions related to companies considered “lost in credibility”.
We suggested that no members should conduct any business with any company listed on the JCtrans Blacklist.


abdelmalek zentar



Address:242 Boulevard Mohamed Zerktouni Résidence Jassim 2 étage

We received a complain from GCP member on MAIL ET TRANSPORT INTERNATIONAL MAROC. Through our investigation on circumstances surrounding the problem and we confirmed the amount of dispute is:

28547.28 USD

We confirmed that the payment has been delayed over 6 months and we still could not get in touch with MAIL ET TRANSPORT INTERNATIONAL MAROC after we get involved in investigation on this case. Thus we would start the compensation process for the damaged member(s) to compensate for the loss.
We announced that JCtrans has listed MAIL ET TRANSPORT INTERNATIONAL MAROC as blacklist company and declared this notice worldwide to other partners.